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Asian Girl

Asian girl poses on the steps outside the Pantheon, Rome

Seven men and a dog

Local men and a dog enjoy a discussion in a sunny Italian piazza

On the street where I live

Up beat

Two Italian police officers happy in their work on city street

Sitting tall

Female stilt-walker takes a break on the streets of New York

How many men does it take..?

Group of men have difficulty putting up a Christmas market stall in Piazza Navona, Rome

Gas station

Gas station attendant fills up car

Morning chat

Four Italians enjoy a morning chat on a park bench

Homeward bound

Tourists head home through Rome's narrow streets via Termini railway station after a visit to the Italian capital


Boy with red balloon

Young boy with red balloon sits on edge of old Italian well

Street Friends

The Marshall

Official marshall at the entrance to an Italian Xmas festival

'Will you marry me?'

Young man proposes to his overcome girlfriend as a musician adds to the mood in Central Park, New York

Scootin' in the park

Young girl ready to use her scooter in the park

Taking a rest

Runner takes a breather having just finished in the Chicago Marathon

Going up

Business is good

Happy shopkeeper outside his shop in Italy

Shattering Pain

Close up detail of broken security glass in window of abandoned factory

Stroll in the park

Young couple take an evening stroll in a park


Man catches some early morning warmth from the winter sun in Italian piazza

On the move

Little girl runs across rocks in Central Park

Service with a smile

Cheery New York sandwich board guy

Café society


Leather worker in medieval outfit in his workshop

Jamming by lamplight

Evening jam on the Ponte Sant'Angelo, Rome

New York, New York!

Exuberant tourist celebrates being in the Big Apple at the Rockefeller Centre, NYC

On the lookout

Man and Dog

Man tenderly holds his pet dog in Italian street

Outside old people's home

'As I said to Miss Marple…'

Love in the city

Young couple on the steps of apartment block in New York

Boy with dog


Father & Daughter

Father and his daughter on the steps of a Roman church


Passing cyclist displays Christmas charity to woman on the Ponte Sant'Angelo, Rome

Italian Street

An elderly group has an animated discussion and a man smokes on a typical Italian street

Surprise pose

Playing Ball with Grandad

Grandson and grandfather play a bit of football in an Italian street

Cycle circles

Bicycle and parasol

Walking the cat

Woman walks her cat in a Boston park

Passing umbrellas

Rainy day on the streets of Rome

Man with dog (& bone)

Man cradles his dog as he chats on his phone on Rome street

Waiting for diners

Waiters outside restaurant on a rainy Roman day

The Doorman


Sitting Alone

An old woman sits outside her house in a deserted Italian street

Alone with my dog

All too much

An emotional moment between father and son

Street Musician

Saxophone player in Rome

Keeping cool

Kids find a way to keep cool under the Crown Fountain, Chicago

Sitting charges

A family takes a break outside an electric shop in Siena, Italy

Entry of the cyclist

Cyclists enters through the arch into the Roman amphitheater at Lucca

Roman bridge

Cyclist walks over one of Rome's bridges in morning light


Man enjoying a cigar break on a pier in the South Street port area of Manhattan

New York street vendor

It's back there...!

Three men discuss life and love on the streets of Siena, Italy

What model in her underwear?

Man seems determined not to notice a lingerie poster

Nuns have fun

Two nuns take in the sights of Rome near the Colosseum


On the Boston Metro

'I don't believe it!'

Two old friends have an interesting chat on the Campo, Siena

Invisible man


Musician & Juggler

Two street performers join forces to entertain

Devil Dolls

Shop window full of dolls' heads in Rome


Girl on doorstep

Young Italian girl on doorstep of house

iPadded it in Florence

Tourist uses his iPad to take a photo in the Piazza della Signoria, Florence

Ho, ho, ho!

Seasons greetings from Santa

Cool, Babe!

Young child and musician share the vibe in Central Park, New York

Metro platform

Rome metro train leaves the station

Steaming Pasta

Condensation on the window as a chef works in a steamy pasta restaurant

Renaiassance Woman

Wrong direction

Tourist takes a photo by looking in the opposite direction to where his camera is pointing

The Enquiry

Man looks for answers at the tourist booth

Early morning train

Man waits to catch his early morning train


Double Header

Don't look back

Group climbs curving steps in Italian town

The artist

Seahorse II

Life imitating art

No Paella Allowed!

Times Square fun

Three kids have a lot of fun as they are driven through Times Square

Mad Hatters

Couple celebrate a birthday in natty headgear at a Boston Cafe

Street cat-walk


Tourist group hurries through the Roman rain

Pleased to see you!

Two women enjoy a poster featuring a hunky male model in his underwear

Two Chairs

The Three Amigos


Russian Bear

'Russian Bear' waits for tourists in front of the Brandenberg Gate, Berlin


An elderly bearded man makes a peaceful sign

In the belly of the beast

Man seems overawed as he stares up at a giant sculpture of a horse

The tourist

A woman tourist checks out her guide book in the Piazza della Signoria, Florence


Two diners at an Italian restaurant have an animated discussion

Stairway to Heaven

Three people climb the stairs of an Italian church on the way to Sunday morning Mass

Father & Son

Father and son play football in an Italian street

Misterious Three

Three people in a misty Italian piazza

Four travelers and a platform

Four people wait for the Roman metro


Smiling bellboy outside Chicago hotel



Think Different

'You slapped me!'

Two extras dressed as Roman legionaries wait on bench for their scene on location outside the Colosseum, Rome

The Kiss

Young Italian couple kiss


Old man in New York's Chinatown


Anti-capitalism protest march in Chicago

Two men sitting

Two similarly attired gentlemen taking a break in Florence

The Lovers

Young lovers hold each other as they stroll down an Italian street


Shop assistant dusts off some jewellery on display in a Florence shop window

Beach Chill

Relaxing flat out on an Italian beach.

Good cop

Italian policeman gives a mother and baby a friendly wave

Taking papà for a walk

Daughter takes her frail father for a walk in the Piazza della Reppublica, Florence

On the waterfront

Relaxing on the waterfront in New York

Portrait of elderly Italian

Mind the doors

Passengers on Rome's Metro

Fiercer than my dog

Heading home

Putting up the umbrella

Two people make heavy weather of putting up an umbrella outside an Italian restaurant

Scooter shooter

Parents watch and film their daughter on her scooter in an Italian piazza


Lone man waits on a station platform for his early morning train

Ride 'em, mandriano

Italian boy demonstrates his riding skills

Snap & Chat

A couple on a cycling holiday stop for a chat and a photo on an Italian street

Smoking Kills. No butts

Dead rat on a drain cover full of cigarette butts

Walk in the snow

Siena street morning

This reminds me so much of the typical post-war images of Italy - with only the clothes betraying the true date/time.


Italian priest fingers his rosary as he walks deep in prayer

World at his feet

Man lies on the perspex platform on the outside of the Sears (Willis) Tower in Chicago

Serious sitter

Young girl is very serious as she has her picture painted in Central Park

Electric Ladyland

Reading in the park

Old man with white beard reads a book sitting on park bench

What a whopper!

Proud angler shows off his catch by the river

The hand

Café window


Franciscan friar walks alone in Assisi

Tunnel vision

Man seen through geometric sculpture on beach by lake

Artistic difference

Director and cameraman have an artistic 'discussion' on location shoot outside the Colosseum, Rome

Step too far

Sign on door entrance to New York building

'Where's your head..!?'

Man appears to have become decapitated whilst sitting on a bench because of the angle at which his head is lowered

Cars Suck!

Cars suck! Get on your bike like this Roman cyclist.

Passeggiatta in the Piazza

Lopsided look

Man adopts a lopsided posture to get a better look at the books in the bookshop window

Under the arches

Ornate passageway leading to fountain and lake in Central Park

Father & daughter

Father wipes the face of his young daughter on the steps of the Duomo, Florence


Girls just want to have fun

A group of girls has a laugh riding on motorized mono bikes in Rome

A intimate gift

Man exits lingerie store with an intimate gift for his....

Tap dancing

Tap dancing on the streets of Chicago

Dog & Jog

All girls love a sailor

Young American sailor is the centre of female attention in a Boston mall


Young tourists celebrate being in the Piazza del Campo, Siena with a joyful jump

Faceless in Roma

An old lady covered in black asks for help on the streets of Rome

Half mast

Woman half-obscured by shop window security shutter

Off to see the Pope

Three nuns make their way to St Peter's Square, Rome to hear a papal address

Man and Cat

Tourist and cat get to know each other in Rome

Ill lit by phonelight

Man's face is illuminated by his cellphone

Kidnapped by the mob

A man about to take a taxi ride on the Boston docks in a vintage Cadillac looks like a scene from a gangster movie


Lonely Christmas

Old man sits alone on steps of Church

'As I see it...'

Two people have an animated discussion on a Boston street

Street Light

Family ice cream

Father and children enjoy an Italian ice cream

At the deli

Elderly woman appreciates the food on offer at her New York delicatessen

American cop

Latin Wall

Man casts his shadow on the wall of the Ara Pacis monument in Rome

Listen to me!

Taken at Speaker's Corner, London in 1972


Phones to the ear

US navy keep in touch and in time


Man waiting at a bus stop is illuminated by a shaft of sunlight

Park music

Two musicians entertain in Central Park

Making a point

Alone, together

Tube line

Doggie Style

Photographer gets down to dog level for photo

In the Pantheon

Group of tourists inside the Pantheon, Rome

Torch Bearers

Umbrian religious festival 'Fiaccolata' where people carry large flaming torches - fiaccola


Two lovers get close together on a Roman evening

Watch your step